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When you need help with a conservatorship in Tennessee, then you need the expert law firm of the Brad Smith Chambers. Our experienced attorneys handle most conservatorship cases for our clients all across the state from one of our four convenient locations. Contact Brad Smith Chambers today to request a free initial consultation to discuss your legal matters with one of our experienced attorneys.

What Is Conservatorship?

A conservatorship allows a selected individual to take responsibility for another individual who is unable to make sound decisions for themselves. There can be a variety of factors including physical or mental disability caused by age, an accident, or genetics. A conservatorship gives the appointed individual, the conservator, control over the estate, assets, finances, and more.

At Brad Smith Chambers, we understand each case is unique. Our experienced attorneys will prepare a case for you based on your requirements for seeking a conservatorship. We will help you navigate the court’s process to obtain the best possible outcome.


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